This is the rp-data.rpki.net research data archive repository, a companion system to rp-study.rpki.net. In this repository, you will find access log data to the ca.rg.net RPKI publication point (PP). You may download the data via HTTP/HTTPS or with rsync. The archive is updated once per day so please do not fetch more frequently than that to help minimize system load and network resource usage. Note, other PP access log data is currently not available from this system.

Archive data is organized by RPKI synchornization protocol (RRDP or rsync) and by date. Individual files are processed logs in CSV format with a header. The fields are as follows:

  1. pp - publication point identifier
  2. protocol - synchronizatio protocol. rrdp or rsync
  3. timestamp - Unix nanosecond timestamp, six least significant digits insignificant
  4. saddr - IPv4 or IPv6 RP synchronization source address
  5. ua - HTTP User-Agent field (RRDP files only)
  6. file - original source log file name
  7. asn - originating source AS number of the RP derived from saddr
  8. ptr - DNS PTR RR of the saddr

If you use data of rp-data.rpki.net, please, refer to:

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